crystal titans

Ok so I know the intention of the patch was to keep you from putting Titans, pets, ect on keep roofs..but now you pretty much can't place them anywhere. Idk if this is some kind of mistake but it's pretty annoying. Half the time I put a Titan up for guards and it just doesn't drop and my timer is down for 30 minutes, I can't even drop them in the middle of nowhere on EV anymore. I understand that it's a pretty much worthless ability, but it's kind of annoying, why even have the ability if it can't be used. When has putting Titans on a keep roof even changed the flow of battle? Oh no there's a Titan I guess I better stand like 3 ft away from it so it doesn't hit me!! If the enemy can stand out in the open casting a Titan for that long you were going to lose anyway


  • i understand your frustration, but from the point of a defender of a keep, ... so many idiots are putting CT's up in keeps that are an AE anchor that totally f£cks up any chance to do a point defence .... i want to start executing people in my own realm tbh ....

    because people are that stupid, i want BS to take CT's out of the game.
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  • Haha scorf indeed. I don't really care about CTs anyway. I wouldn't care if they took them out entirely. I think the real point is BS needs to stop "fixing" things that aren't broken until they're "fixed"
  • You can't really use them in Otherworlds either. It makes a couple of those encounters difficult again.
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