Gemstone Horse (Level 50) quest;)

A friend and I have been stuck on step 2 of this quest;) we /use the Seeking Stone, it shows the electric rings effect, but does not teleport us anywhere;) Journal does not update either;) All it says when /use is
" you attempt to use the Jeweler's Seeking Stone.
you use the Jeweler's Seeking Stone
Are we missing something?;) or is the quest bugged? ( we have also appealed it in game;) ) just wondered if it was meant to port us to the underground mines (which are now closed off due to the aurulite dungeon/curse quests) or does it teleport us to Tepok's Mine?
Went to Tepok's and used the stone outside and inside, and all over South Black Mountains;) There are some Amethyst and Silver minerals in there, but we also can't pick them up, and once again , the journal stays on step 2, even after using the seeking stone;( It does not give us any location or directions)
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