My best record

When I first starting learning how to play my Minstrel, there was one day when I had 46 deathblows. 26 times other players killed me and 20 times that my pets killed me. Based on some of the posts, I think I'm tracking the wrong thing :)
Bumblebunny to the rescue !


  • That's very rude of them pets... You seem like such a nice person/bunny, you sure you explained the game plan before going in to battle with them?

    this is they type of monologue I tend to give my minions,
    (You, most Noble of pets, shall only hit me if I have fallen asleep due to a wonderful music (I'm slightly narcoleptic like most of this realm) or have been petrify by shots and sorcery, if I have stuff growing around my legs keeping me from moving, or am frozen in a block of ice or something. other then that! you, most loyal of pets, are only to hit the jerks attacking me, got it? ps if you kill something I get to count it as my kill, no hard feelings)
  • RR5+ Rangers tend to be mean with others pets.
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