Mailuer Edit Number 2

Enjoy, number 2.
  1. Should make the video less fast paced, and show more of the fights?1 vote
    1. Yes
    2. No, I like fast paced.


  • I think edit is cool, but there is not even one fight in it, just emotes.

    Issue with the previous was the type of fight also kind of boring for these fast type edits. Stick and mouse click on buttons while not much to watch you can't make that exciting, I would suggest try to find fights with movement, that would make these type of edits more engaging.

    Same with old "feels-like-it-never-ends" s/s tank duel videos, just with flashy effects, fast paced sound it will still feel slow. If all the fights like that, I say increase the clip speed to fit the sound/edit at least.
  • I agree. I want to see more of the fights. I like where your going with the edits but I think if we could see more of what's going on and no just a dead body it would keep more attention to the video. Hope to see more of your videos and see your improvements. Even though its a montage still needs a little more added to it. :)
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