Name/Race Change

I did both a couple days ago and when I logged on all my hotbars, chat windows, etc etc were reverted back as if I just made a new toon. Anyone else experience this?

I set everything back up, was annoying.


  • you have to qo to your daoc folder first and copy and paste your chars files, then edit them to your new name and paste back in
  • Thanks. Got a couple more race changes I’d like do
  • this is where the files are located for my computer anyway, you just copy the 2 files for the char u want and paste em on ur desktop, then after u qet ur new name, u loq off and rename the ones on desktop to your new name and paste them back into the folder and it will override them and put your old bars back

  • err sorry heres the full part


    and if you ever qet a new computer, or reformat or somethinq, you can just take those files and email them to yourself, and they'll be safe in there and you can just qo copy and paste them back in your new file and you'll never have to redo bars for any reason
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