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This quest is listed as a daily with the goal of taking one keep each in the 3 realms. It doesn't make sense to me because it requires that a given realm let another realm take a keep so that they can take it back to complete the quest. I don't understand the point of the quest or how it helps RvR. What am I missing ?
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    I'm just as confused at the goal of this event. This kind of show how disconnected some devs might be from player base that feels bad gifting keeps to other realms.. is that not cross realming? But we can't do devs quest without it.... Ya beats me.
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  • Well it's daily so you can get it again quickly enough to do it again and more than once. If you want to do it you have to take keeps in 2 other realms, so each realm would need to do that so your own realm keep would get taken to offer you the retake, or defense so they can't take it, either or.
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  • Or defend it to constantly make people mad ! ;) let no one complete the quest! Could generate good action
  • I like it. What else is there?
  • It just feels very odd. As a Hib, in order to complete the quest I have to have Mid or Alb take Bolg so that I can retake Bolg since I have to take 3 keeps - Eras, Hild and Bolg. So I either do not defend Bolg so that I can get the chance to retake (complete the quest) or I defend to stop the other realms from completing the quest and not completing the quest myself. How is this even possible to be done daily?
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    Any quest that requires 2 realms to complete is just crazy talk, I get the idea behind how on the realm scale it would works, I feel this does not leave a good taste when you look at it from a per player scale. (The masses may make it work but the players feel like it didn't.. if that makes sense)
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  • The keep quest works okay during EU and US prime depending on the population status in each realm. However, it is very slow during non-prime hours.
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  • I generally don't defend a keep I can't port or postern into which rules out 3 of them right off the bat. I like the action this quest provides. I'd like to see doors on the inner CK oil levels for defending the keeps.
  • Or you could just be an Alb and never have the opportunity to complete the quest as the red headed step child of RvR. So stop complaining.
  • I know I'm derailing my own post but red-heads are awesome !! And I agree with BumblesZerg that the quest is even harder when you are on a realm that is often at a numbers disadvantage.
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