New User Journey quest hubs

So I was reading herald and came accros this on the patch notes, where or what is it exactly?Keep in mind im a returning player and was wondering if I should start a new toon along side my 45 alt lol :)

Task Dungeons from level 1 to 40 are now disabled along with the level 41-50 ones.
This is done to incentivize players to level in open-world areas such as the battlegrounds, classic-world dungeons, or through the New User Journey quest hubs!


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    The New User Journey quest hubs are found in classic towns:

    Levels 10-14: Cotswold
    Levels 15-19: Prydwen Keep
    Levels 20-24: Caer Ulfwych
    Levels 25-29: Campacorentin Station
    Levels 30-34: Adribard Retreat

    Levels 10-14: Mularn
    Levels 15-19: Fort Veldon
    Levels 20-24: Audliten
    Levels 25-29: Huginfel
    Levels 30-34: Fort Atla

    Levels 10-14: Mag Mell
    Levels 15-19: Tir na mBeo
    Levels 20-24: Ardagh
    Levels 25-29: Howth
    Levels 30-34: Connla

    There is a starter zone in each realm as well for new characters Levels 1-10.

    You may consider browsing some guides in the following section:

    Welcome back and happy hunting!
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