is it time to upgrade player made armour and weapons ?

should it be a good idea to make player made weapons and armour be able to have two procs on them ? should the be introduced some new procs ?

if i compare existing (drop) weapons and elemental weapons, the rest of the player made weapons are just not on par.
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  • I think the addition of a second proc and ToA bonus upon crafting a MP item would be a good approach.
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  • Yeah more retemplating, just the remedy.
  • I'd be happy if they'd make artifacts useful again. most are useless
  • I want to see weaons with elementary weapon stats (so crush/slash/thrust legendary weapons)
    double procs for crafted weapons and armor would also help

    don't think it would make cafted armor suddenly superior to other armor
  • I am fine with some of these suggestions IF they don't implement any new charges/procs for items. People don't retemplate for new stats, but if you put a charge or proc that didn't exist before on an old item then it will cause the same issues we had with the Cursed gear. I am all for adding ToA stats to crafted gear and even updating the ToA artifacts to be more useful for the sake of making templates easier to achieve, but no more new over the top charges and procs. The gear creep is already to damn strong as it is.
  • Artifact revamp should be fairly straightforward and I’m okay with meta changes because of this.

    I agree the ability to imbue a reactive double alchemy would be amazing boost to SC pieces as an alternative to Curse items.
  • Artifacts need some love I think, outside of battlegrounds not a lot are in NF like they used to be. How about a new polearm arti? Yeah I miss my old armsman, was my first 50 toon back in 2002
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    Yeah. Make arts great again 2k19

    Having some sweet revamped art weapons and jewelry would be sweet. And all are easy to get and quick to level
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