Thank you all for the good fights on Albion- It's time to get rid of 2 bgs now. It was a blast!!



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    I didnt play long last night, but i did notice that while i was on at least the alb bg chose to fight. So 0-3 might seem like they got totally rolled. I still hold to my opinion that 0-3 making any rps, is better than 0-0 making nothing. Thumbs up to everyone who played whatever realm they chose to last night. And a bigger thumbs up to hibs if they ran out, i saw they had a 55-70% bonus. That being the case i would have expected to see them camping the hell out of a keep.

    I know some wouldn't mind that, but I'm def not one of em lol. Getting steamrolled 3 times in a row would be incredibly annoying >.<, even if you did manage to get 20k rps out of the 3 losses.

    Thats where our opinions vary a bit. I'd rather not die as well. But ill take trying and dying over sitting on my thumbs for a few hours. There are options though. battlegrounds or catching up on netflix i guess.

    Netflix ftw haha ;)

    I actually had a blast last night. Decided to run with the mid zerg on my baby zerk. Even side-car'd for a while, while waiting for a group. Albs apparently had 2 bgs last night and a few 8 mans running (per the other posts). At one point @ 9pm est we ran into a wall of red that would make anyone shudder. It was suggested that albs rallied up and pooled together. I for one died about 15 times in total last night. I think the win loss ratio was close. Seemed like hibs had a pretty sound showing too. Got nailed by them at least twice. Either way, i'll take it no matter the win/loss %. I died @15 times but earned @100k rps. Fair trade for me. A big thumbs up for all three realms! It was fun.
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