Name change when?

I was a day late and a dollar short.

I gave in and bought currency to do a name change and it was removed from the merchant....

Will we ever see this again SOON?


  • yes is this going to get corrected soon ?
    "I think what he is doing is good. For a long time Albs not have very good leaders. Natebruner is perfect, his accuracy, his pushing"

    "Nate calling out fights in the Alb public bg has been a recent source of entertainment for me, most of those folks have never heard anyone call targets during US prime." Teddie

    "First off I am pretty sure most Mids agree that Albs previous leaders were weak and Nate is actually bringing out action." Impounded

    Discord me: Natebruner#3781
  • We're working on it and will have an update in due course :)
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