Quest Level 99 unable to remove from journal (Could all Quests be made Removable including Epic's)

Hi on some of my chars I some quests that I just cant seem to remove from the quest Journal on clciking the Remove Button a message pops up saying the Quest can not be removed. I a few that were set in Darkness Rising Underground. Also some of the old Level Epic Quests.
1. Is there a way i can at least remove the DR quests or does this have to go thorugh a CSR (Only issue here is I can normally only play for a few minutes at a time)
2. Would it make sense that Quests be latered that they can all be deleted in the normal way by the player, It would just be a case of if say its an epic quest the player has to go to the start NPC again to start it.

Thanks AP.
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  • Our CSR will be happy to remove these quests for you! Just open an Emergency Appeal with the character that has the quests, list the names of the quest you want removed, and they will take care of it. No need to be online for it at all, as long as all necessary information is there, it can be done while you are offline!
    Epic quests are not being removed though, at least currently.
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