V1.25 Realm Button on Character Selection Screens Disbaled?

Has the Realm Button been completly Disbaled? A couple of times I have clicked the wrong realm by accident, Since the patch to 1.25 I can no longer click on the REALM text at the bottom to switch realm to the one intended to play. This is a little annoying has I have to reload the game having to go thorugh the patch process etc. I can understand if you have actually played one realm then try to switch instantly to another that there should be a timer. However when you have only gone to the character selection screen looked at your char selection and not actually logged in to a realm I think disbaling the abilty to switch is a little annoying. @Carol_Broadsword was this intentional? or is it some kind of bug?

Looking forward to an offical answer and also on what the community thinks regarding this.
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