Hibernia: A Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-8 Saturday 1st December 2018

On Saturday, 1. December 2018
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Hi all,

I'll be leading a Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-8 on Saturday 1st December 2018

Times: 16:00PM CET / 16:00PM UK / 11AM EST / 10AM CST / 8AM PST (BG open 30 minutes before)

BG leader Solic/Kylorinn

Where to begin!
1. Talk to Cystilla in TNN by forge area
2. Talk to Talitu Envoy then Salle
3. Talk to Cystilla again to get quest A Glimmer of Hope (dark elf & soldiers)
4. Use port to Towns --> Connla
5. Grab wyvern to Innis Carth
6. Wait for BG lead Solic

1. Please be prepared to listen
2. Please no afking or raid goes on a lot longer and likely i wont wait for u
3. I will wait 1 minute for link deads
4. Please make sure you read your journals all the time!
5. Send a tell to Solic if stuck!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Hibernia PvE leader
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