Returning player quest

I recently reactivated my account and returned to game after 4 years. I went to the throne room to get my returning player armor but my backpack was full and did not receive my armor. Is there a way for me to get my armor or reset the quest?, once I clear my backpack?


  • The armor is handed out by the King as reward for a different quest than the Returning Players one. If you do not get it from the King, try speaking with the Quest Journalist, you will find it near the guild registrar NPC, and click on all keywords offered. Try speaking with the King again after that! Should you still not get it, you might have already obtained it in the past. If you do not have it anymore, you can buy the item Champion Armor Replacement Voucher from the Quartermaster in the Throne Room. Give it to the King, and you will get a new set of this armor!
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