Can we get a pet? Remove shaman bolt discussion

I really believe that if you could remove the shaman bolt which is kinda worthless as a shaman main in my guild I hardly use it.

I was thinking of a pet from the underground forest, Terracite. You can summon one up to 1875 range, they would last 1 min or until dead. They'd be up to your level and would take 2.4 sec to cast every 20sec.
Once summon theyd attack your target you had selected upon cast. They would disease proc and do matter damage in melee. They would have the same stats as a tank pet from sm,ench,cab. They be immune to root. The disease proc rate would be 65% at the values would be the same as a hunters pet at the same level. This would be more useful then a bolt that can be blocked and does minimum damage for a bolt. It's not practical in my eyes.

Thanks for looking!
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