Bounty Point Recipes

Of course with the release of the latest patch, BP recipes were introduced into the game. but why are they not tradeable? When my wife logs onto the game, because of her schedule, only prefers to spend time crafting and does not like to RvR at all. I on the other hand would rather spend my time exercising my /release option repeatedly :) and getting limited BP's. I would love to be able to purchase the new recipes so that I may trade them off to her or any other crafter in the game to have those items made for me and I'm sure others in the world would prefer this as well.
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    Recipes are tradable :)

    From the patch notes:
    End-result crafted items are tradable.
    "Recipe: <Category>" ingredients are tradable
    Only the “Bounty <type> Mold” ingredients are NOT tradable

    Recipe: Darkness Falls
    Recipe: Pictslayer
    Recipe: Seasonal
    Recipe: Aurulite
    Recipe: Otherworldly
    Recipe: Frozen
    Recipe: Curse

    + the final bountycrafted items

    Not Tradable:
    Bounty Weapon Mold
    Bounty Armor Mold
    Bounty Accessory Mold
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  • Recipes are tradable :)

    ok..yesterday afternoon they were still reading "not tradeable" on the screen when bad in not re-checking :P
  • Molds are not. Got my shade hid curse gloves last night at masterpiece quality without having to do that damn curse pve quest. I’m happy!!
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