Albion Polearm - 6.0 speed weapons

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Hey guys,

Just checking to see what 6.0 speed polearms are out there for Armsmen.

Currently I know:
1. Ancient Pike (thrust)
2. Hollowed Lance (pretty sure is 6.0) (thrust)
3. Whatever the Jack Frost one is called (thrust)
4. Warguard/Warlord (slash)

Anyone know of any others? I don't think I've ever seen a crush 6.0 speed and I don't know of any other slash versions other than the ROG item I listed above (has an omni-lifedrain and 20% haste proc).

Kinda putting this list together to show BS how little item versatility there is in the Polearm line regarding Thrust vs. Slash/Crush and amongst all three in general.
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