Very alarming ingame Bug, mostly unknown i guess

Hey guys, especially @Carol_Broadsword @John_Broadsword ,

It looks like when you're patching 1.125 from Pendragon in some instances it's switching to the live version. So in some cases players getting accured for hacking, especially wallhacking.
It's actually no wall hack, this is a unknown bug caused by firstly patching from Pendragon. 1.125 changed some textures/structures especially @ the solo spots, so the ones who got the "patch" can practically go through walls and underneath the floor for instance (However, you could say that you and the accused one are playing with 2 different game versions). I've noticed the same yesterday, it's quite unfair i guess ^^ but just fyi


  • This is why we said we recommend making a copy of your DAoC folder for logging into Pendragon. If you have this, just delete the mft.myp file in your camelot.exe folder and repatch live, should be fine then.
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  • The point is that no one should have to do that. It basically gives people wall hack. The patcher should automatically identify the test files and revert back to normal. This is nuts that patching test permanently corrupts your live game without the patcher simply replacing the old files when you fre patch live.

    I’m sure it’s looking for file names but maybe it can look for content or just force a re patch.

    If you have this all keeps have walls at the oil level too...
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  • @Carol_Broadsword I think the issue is not that the OP is saying he is reporting a bug that is getting him stuck, it reads more like he is pointing out that anyone can maliciously use this to abuse the terrain and be practically immune when they want. This could result in some farily negative play. And we all know that if an exploit exists online you will get someone willing to exploit it :'(
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  • Sounds like what region was describing saki doing earlier this morning
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