Right-Click crash to desktop bug is Horrendous during this Halloween event

It happened to me 4 times in an hour last night playing (reason for logging)..

10 minutes into gameplay today and it happened again to me. Must have something to do with shape-shifted potions for the Halloween event.

Either way it's downright pathetic and embarrassing for game devs to charge $15 a month and give this kind of crap to their customers


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    Just happened again, at 3:25. made this post at 3:20
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  • Had a similar problem, couldn't right click on a sup pot for the longest time. Drove me crazy and then it just stopped?
  • This has only happen twice to me playing this year, and it was very far apart each circumstance, very odd bug.
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  • I constantly swap weapons during fights too, so multiple times yesterday it was during a fight or right before a fight and just *poof* crash to desktop, login to rez illness
  • It’s only happened to me a handful of times but 3 times since the Halloween stuff
  • I have had it happen off and on over the last 1-1.5 years. No rhyme or reason. Sometimes a right click on an item crashes me to desktop and other times it doesn't. Either way, it is a HUGE error that needs to be fixed. Especially when you have to right click on items alot to /use them or just to see a timer or stats on an item.
  • Personally it’s only ever happened to me if I zone and right click, it’s never happened to me other than that , I’m on a Mac with boot to windows
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  • We've a potential fix in this on Pend at the moment and by reports seems to be doing the trick. However, if you are having this issue a lot please charcopy to Pend and test and report if it happens to help make sure we've covered this. Thanks!
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  • Estimated fix time Nov 7th :smile: ? That would be just in time. Ive had it happen to me 3 times. Third time was the charm. I'm done with the event. If the chest wouldnt despawn in 10-20 seconds, then the right click crash wouldnt be "as" annoying. After missing loot for the third time due to this bug, im done with the event though. I've heard several voice the same opinion.

    And @Carol_Broadsword , while im not totally opposed to helping out, i barely have time to play anymore. If others have time to help test this, thats wonderful, but this bug has existed for well over a year now. I can find several post regarding it on PC, when the official forums were still in beta.
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