Curse 6 - Problems keeping pets alive

I CL spec'd buffs (seer) and having a really hard time when I run into 3 mobs at once. The healer will get aggro deep into fight and no matter how much I taunt it doesn't matter, then pursues a 10 minute solo battle with shield and sword where I too eventually die. Is there something I'm missing? Or was Curse 6 made to frustrate the hell out of you? I'm 3L9 templated warrior. Any tips greatly appreciated.


  • I don't know how it is in Step 6 but on most of the curse steps taunt = detaunt and detaunt = taunt. Try to use your detaunt style + taunt cone spell, then you should be able to get the mobs attention. Also use essence flame regularly. I did it with a kings armor rr2 Hero this way and it was long but not difficult.
    Btw. Don't forget to get the cl resistance buffs, they really help out
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