1.125A and Gaheris

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At first reading the notes I jumped straight to the 60,000 per efflugent and went wait what? You mean in the time it takes to get to RR12 I will only get enough seals to make maybe 2.5 bountycraft items. Then I looked again and there is a huge penatly for not combining seals. This is just nuts. The purpose of the combining seals has always just been to make handing them in easier. I remember when that didnt exist... hand in could take forever.

After another look I noticed the value for sanguine/glowing isn’t listed.... Now I think this entire list is in error and the lambent amount was meant to be the amount for glowing... I’m just going to analyze new values based on a linear valuation and the that assumption that sanguine and glowing were left off...

1.125A Amounts

Sanguine/Glowing:NOT LISTED

Assumed Amounts (Linear)

Glowing/Sanguine: 1,500
Lambent (x10): 15,000
Flugent (x50): 75,000
Efflugent (x250): 375,000

With this amount someone should get more around idk... 15 bountycraft items enroute to RR12.

I’m not sure where you guys are at with thought processes Carol or John but that seems a little much. I don’t want to see the Gaheris market entirly flooded with bountycraft gear, simultaneously I don’t want the casual players who spend their time in laby getting 10 seals an hour to never progress.

I would recommend these amounts...

Glowing/Sanguine: 1,000
Lambent (x10): 10,000
Flugent (x50): 50,000
Efflugent (x250): 250,000

That results in what will be very close to a 5:1 RP to BP ratio in a no bonus scenario. And a character should be able to craft around 10 BP items enroute to RR12... which for most should mean finishing templates around half way to RR12 assuming the bountycraft is used for the hard to get items and PVE for the others.

Just some thoughts. Would love to hear from some other Gaherians on the topic.
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  • Thanks for pointing that out Char, I think you presented good justification behind the scaling. Personally I'm not overly concerned with how they want to scale it, and it's up to them how to balance. However I would like to see the full list from Glowing->Eff as you pointed out. I think as long as there is a progression path towards currently unobtainable items between traveling merchant cycles, that's what is important.

    I would love to see a patch note about Gaheris being added to the main server select page so that it is not a hidden server.
  • You make a great point about how ridiculously difficult it is to even discover that Gaheris exists. Hopefully something can get done about that. I'm hoping Endless Conquest brings a few people around too.
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