17th Anniversary Reward

In celebration of Dark Age of Camelot's 17th Anniversary and in appreciate for those accounts currently subscribed, any level 50 character on a currently subscribed account can now visit one of the Royal Accountant NPCs to receive a 17th Anniversary Gift Box!

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  • Players can find the <Royal Accountant> NPCs in their capital cities, relic town, or on Ellan Vannin:

    • Albion: Traurig in Camelot, Catterick Hamlet, or Alb's EV safe port location

    • Midgard: Oropyehho in Jordheim, Godrborg, or Mid's EV safe port location

    • Hibernia: Droevig in Tir na Nog, Crair Treflan, or Hib's EV safe port location

  • To get the reward, simply right-click interact with the Royal Accountant and they will give you the gift box!

    • Each level 50 character can receive ONE gift box, no seconds!

    • Be sure you have space in your inventory before speaking with the NPCs or /using the gift box as the rewards will end up on the ground otherwise!

    • If you are not successful in receiving a gift box when you should be eligible, please try dropping some pending quests or visiting the Quest Remover NPC in the capital cities before speaking with the Royal Accountants again.

  • Level 35+ characters on non-trial accounts can /use the 17th Anniversary Gift Box item to receive ONE of the following rewards:

    • 17th Anniversary Bounty Scroll: 15,000 bounty points (tradable)

    • Battlefield Potion: 25% realm point bonus (tradable)

    • Draught of Celerity (tradable)

    • Draught of Supremacy (tradable)

    • A Blank Chest, Sleeve, Leg, Boots, or Glove mithril pattern (not tradable)

    • The gift boxes themselves can be traded but still can only be used by level 50, non-trial account characters.

  • These gift boxes will be available only until November 6th, 2018.

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