1.124D Live Hot Fix Notes

The following notes are now live. Thanks to all on your ongoing feedback and bug reports!


Class Changes


  • The Astral Weapon Shard 3 of 3 should be dropping normally once again.

  • The Cursed Dream Gauntlet’s The Dream Stone /use2 has had its effectiveness reduced from +33% mez dampen down to +20%.

  • The healing-effectiveness spells on the following items have been reduced:

    • Cloak of the Loyal Paladin’s /use2: reduced from +25% to +12% healing-effectiveness

    • Cloak of the Loyal Cleric’s /use2: value remains at 10% but it is no longer a buff to heals cast on its affected targets; it is now a normal healing-effectiveness buff instead.

      • This means it will no longer co-exist or stack with the Cloak of the Paladin’s /use2 ability, or any other healing-effectiveness buffs; the higher value effect will overwrite any lower values.

    • The Cursed Life Gauntlets’ /use2: reduced from +25% to +10% healing-effectiveness. Duration is increased from 5 to 10 minutes.

  • The Ghostly Medal of Valor /use Ghostly Regeneration has had its heal value reduced from 10%/tick to 7%/tick.

  • Illusion /uses and spells should now only last their intended duration and should no longer become “stuck” on the target for the duration of the first illusion’s effect.

    • This means if an illusion with a 10 minute duration is active, like Shades of Mist, and a 60s illusion is subsequently applied, like the Bat-form from the Halloween Helms, the Shades of Mist form will return when the Bat-form’s duration has run its course.

  • Minstrel’s Unyielding and Freezing Vagabond Vests’ Ravage ability now properly gives the Minstrel’s pet the damage boost instead of the Minstrel.


Envenom specialization

  • Tranquilizing Miasma has had its duration reduced from 10s to 8s.

  • The weaponskill and stat debuff poison has been adjusted as follows:

    • The strength and dexterity stat debuff components of this poison have been removed entirely.

    • The constitution stat debuff component and values remain unchanged.

    • The weaponskill debuff component has been increased as follows to compensate:

      • Level 7 – Weakening Poison – weaponskill debuff component increased from 5% to 8%.

      • Level 17 – Inhibiting Poison – weaponskill debuff component increased from 8% to 11%.

      • Level 27 – Enervating Poison – weaponskill debuff component increased from 10% to 15%.

      • Level 37 – Unnerving Poison – weaponskill debuff component increased from 14% to 20%.

      • Level 47 – Touch of Death – weaponskill debuff component increased from 19% to 28%.

    • This change was made to consolidate effects by removing the extraneous strength and dexterity debuff effects.

      • The weaponskill debuff values were increased so that debuffed targets will deal about the same melee damage as they did prior to the removal of the strength and dexterity debuff components.


  • The Amber Simulacrum pet now runs at normal + sprint speed.


  • The Underhill Stalker pet now runs at normal + sprint speed.

Enchantments specialization

  • All levels of the single-target, 30s duration healing-effectiveness buffs have had their healing effectiveness values reduced by half.


Enhancements specialization

  • All levels of the casted, single-target strength, constitution, and dexterity debuffs have been changed as follows:

    • The strength, constitution, and dexterity debuffs are now instant-cast, PBAoE spells, with a 350 radius.

    • The debuff values remain unchanged.

    • The strength and dexterity debuffs share a 15s timer.

    • The constitution debuff is on its own 15s timer.


  • The Umbral Aegis pet should once again land melee attacks on its targets.

  • The Plated Fiend pet now runs at normal + sprint speed.

Death Servant Baseline

  • A pet-target casted heal has been added as follows:

    • Level 13 – Animate Flesh – Heals pet for 41 hp – 3.0 cast speed – 8 power – 2000 range

    • Level 23 – Animate Blood – Heals pet for 88 hp – 3.0 cast speed – 17 power – 2000 range

    • Level 33 – Animate Muscle – Heals pet for 152 hp – 3.0 cast speed – 22 power – 2000 range

    • Level 43 – Animate Body – Heals pet for 244 hp – 3.0 cast speed – 28 power – 2000 range

    • If currently logged in, please zone or relog to see these new spells.


  • The Spirit Hunter pet and its Spirit Avatar now run at normal + sprint speed.


Witchcraft specialization

  • The group-target heal-effectiveness chant has had its healing effectiveness reduced as follows:

    • Level 34 – Calming Incantation – Reduced from 10% to 8% healing effectiveness

    • Level 45 – Calming Incantation – Reduced from 15% to 10% healing effectiveness


  • The Night's Servant pet now runs at normal + sprint speed.

Bug Fixes

  • The Midgard Dragon’s Curse Chapter 9.2 encounter’s barriers now reset properly at the beginning of the encounter.

  • Vulcan will no longer occasionally attack Golestandt during the Albion Dragon’s Curse Chapter 7 encounter.

  • Several items have had their missing stat value added:

    • The Incandescent Black Jewel, Shrunken Bear Skull, Water Bound Gem, Dark Crystalized Poison Sac, Hob Hunter Gem, and Darkseed Sleeves all now correctly have +20 hits cap.

    • The Hammer and Sword of Evisceration both now correctly have +5% thrust resist.

    • The Envenomed Choker now correctly has +3 envenom skill.

  • Players will no longer be temporarily snared when using NPC teleports in housing.


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