Is this the end of OW and Dragon's Curse Campaign?

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Seeing the latest patch notes it makes me wonder if any of these PvE campaigns are going to be ran again. I didn't see patch notes about Curse being toned down in order for groups just to do it? Is this a thing that Broadsword are going to hot fix later?

To me it's a sad day to see everything just going to be thrown onto merchant but then this was the only alternative to the very buggy and bad content that came out of the campaigns. I think the majority would agree with me and say that the campaigns were just not up to DAoC standard and created a lot of chaos and frustration to completing it.

I think time will tell but I just feel we're not looking at the future of DAoC we're looking at short term solutions. Just remember not everyone wants to RvR all the time and scrapping the PvE side and not using at all now will create boredom. RvR is great at certain times but not all the time. The reason DAoC was great because you had the best of both worlds and no other game could provide that.

I hope this patch is successful and bring players back but I'm still not sure what Broadsword next intentions are in order to make the game fun!

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