Pendragon Patch 1.125

Patch 1.125 is now up on the Pendragon test server!

Friends and frenemies,

The wait is over. Our fingers may be numb and tired, our eyes dry and drooping, but patch 1.125 is here and the day seems brighter already.

The crisp Spring and humid Summer weather has come and gone but nothing beats a perfect Autumn day for the launch of a major version (even to our test server) - especially one that coincides with Dark Age of Camelot's 17th anniversary month.

Patch 1.125 is chock full of updates and fixes that we're confident you'll enjoy. Bountycrafting is here with the ability to earn end-game gear exclusively through RvR.

Better yet, despite the previous Producer's letter warning of difficulties with the Race, Gender, and Name changes, we're ecstatic to announce that all 3 are in 1.125 and the mechanism for them is streamlined and part of the character customization interface. We know you're going to love how it works! Several much-requested bug fixes and client/server performance measures have been implemented as well.

But before you dive into the full notes, we'd like to humbly request your help.

Yes, you.

We need your help to ensure that this patch launches as smoothly as possible. The Race, Gender, and Name change feature is something we want you all to use A LOT and it involves fundamental changes to characters - the more eyes looking at it and trying to break it the better! Any major bugs found will be handsomely rewarded!

Additionally, the Bountycraft system has a TON of items available to be crafted and woe be us if, despite our testing and re-testing, one of the recipes has the wrong ingredient listed or crafts a different item than intended. Users that have experienced crashes at specific locations in cities or dungeons and users that occassionally see other characters and monsters disappear should visit Pendragon and see if those issues are all cleared up!

Finally, there are many, many RvR-related changes that will affect how siege warfare is waged in the frontier and battlegrounds. We'll be hosting some events while 1.125 is on Pendragon and we encourage you all to come out and enjoy the fun!

Without further ado, check out the rest of the patch's highlights below or better yet read the notes in their entirety by clicking the image-link! 


John Thornhill


Important Note:

  • We highly suggest separating out your normal game directory from your Pendragon game directory *before* patching and testing on Pendragon.

    • If you do not do this, you *will* experience issues when patching back to live.

      • To force the live client to fix these issues, you will need to delete the mft.myp in your game's directory and run the patcher again.
For those interested in testing on Pendragon, follow the character copy process here!



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  • Race, Gender, AND Name change services are now available for purchase at the Mithril shop!

  • Your votes have been tallied and 2 new race/class combinations are available in each realm!

  • Earn your end-game gear exclusively through Realm vs Realm with the new Bountycrafting system!

  • Keep difficulty, ram and siege tower adjustments plus new gatehouse doors spice up siege warfare!

  • Check out the new dynamic keep-objectives in the Molvik battleground!

  • New streamlined RvR quests and rewards await!

  • Client improvements and fixes galore!

  • Stay on top of the new class adjustments and read the notes!


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