*video* @ the stealth zerging trash at east docks, thanks for the 56k

rofl at the last sb, uhaeuHEAUehuhuHEUAheue


  • Did you MoC? How come they didn’t just purge the root?
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  • yeah I moc'd when I got on top of em, was region chat saying a lot there why I followed the reaver down, so I pop'd it to get **** going before we got **** on

    moc was down for the last sb tho, when I immuned and he couldn't hit me it looked like he thought he was stunned or something cuz he pop'd purge but the lil thing went over his head like he had nothing to purge, but then I rooted him and he didn't use it so dunno lol, he also blured to me while rooted so I just kept going lol
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    Have to admit, that was pretty damn funny! I have only ran into your wiz once that I know of and I'm pretty sure you got me, but it was close. Very nice! This is Pocketzack btw (luri ranger).
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  • Isn`t working always so well, eh Flop?
  • hell no ! lol

    but sure fun when it does hehe ;)
  • Nice bro, with OutKast banging too, good vid!
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  • i should get a nobel prize for all my work bettering the world by commiting genocide on stealth groups !
  • Not all of the stealth groups out there have this suicidal tendencies :D
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