Action Packed Thursday Euro Time--- Hero Destroys Anna Bg Over And Over In The Same Fashion (video)

2 ST's From Nate are better than 1

2 Times ? Ok

3 times.... Ummm really ?

"I think what he is doing is good. For a long time Albs not have very good leaders. Natebruner is perfect, his accuracy, his pushing"

"Nate calling out fights in the Alb public bg has been a recent source of entertainment for me, most of those folks have never heard anyone call targets during US prime." Teddie

"First off I am pretty sure most Mids agree that Albs previous leaders were weak and Nate is actually bringing out action." Impounded

Discord me: Natebruner#3781


  • Nearly 4 hours of really good action during EU prime time. Rare thing. Nice show from the Albs, did someone set your clock forward? :)
    Rolled over from Hib/Prydwen!

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