Friday Grab Bag - 09/14/2018

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Does Mastery of Magery affect style proc damage or weapon proc damage?

And does Mastery of Focus help with the resisting of style procs? Speaking of Reaver/Thane/VW

Yes to both!

The Mastery of Magery realm ability increases spell damage dealt and so does affect style proc spell damage.

The Mastery of Focus realm ability effectively raises the level by its listed amount for all spells cast (including style procs). Style procs have their resistances calculated based on the level of the style, so a level 39 style has a level 39 spell’s resist rate vs level X targets. The Mastery of Focus realm ability can raise that style’s spell level, depending on the amount of MoF trained, up to a maximum of a level 50 spell.

All spells have a base chance of 10% to be resisted, so a level 50 style proc will still get resisted at around that 10% rate, on average. However, a level 12 style proc with no Mastery of Focus will see around a 30-35% resist rate vs a level 50 target and a level 34 style proc without MoF would have a 15-20% resist rate, on average.

Previously, to be aggro to as few mobs as possible as a healer, I was able to kill Curmudgeons and gain faction with Gurites, Siogs and Siabras. Lately I've been able to gain Gurite and Siog faction easily yet no Siabra faction.  Has positive Siabra faction been removed with OW?

The ghostly Siabra of the Otherworlds campaign have a different faction than the normal, living Siabra found in the Hibernia homeland. While it’s still very much possible to befriend the Siabra of Hibernia, it is not possible to do so with the Siabra of the Otherworlds.

Can you shed some light on what effect, if any, +archery skill has past level 50?  I have heard that it does nothing, but other people seem to think it helps in some way, but they aren't sure how exactly.

Yes, increasing your +archery skill beyond level 50 will increase your archery damage, albeit very slightly. At a certain Realm Rank or amount of +skill over 50, due to diminishing returns, you will cease to see a damage increase which may be why some players reasonably think it does nothing.

An archer with 50+11 (61 composite) archery specialization will likely not see any damage increase for any subsequent +archery skill from realm rank or items. However, an archer with 35+16 (51 composite) archery specialization will see a slight increase with additional +archery skills from realm rank or items.

The level 1 Mauler Staff style "Wild Swing" is supposed to make the mauler's attacks ignore bladeturn. However, after testing it in realm duels and against enemy players, the effect does not function although the buff applies. Is my understanding of how this is supposed to work correct is or is the tooltip mislabeled?

Thanks for this report, this effect should be functioning correctly on live now!

Many threads have been created in response to the npc/player disappearing bug. What is being done to address this issue?

We've identified the cause of this and plan to have it addressed in patch 1.125. In the meantime, make sure to relog or zone out of the New Frontiers region every few hours or so to prevent this issue

Enjoy the weekend everyone, and stay safe out there! :)

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