Lag stepping? or what?

Hello, I have came back to game after a long break and in Braemar I was fighting a mid. As a 2H Paladin I rely a lot on hitting people, this guy was stepping through me and turning every which way and I understand the need for moving (shouldnt just /stick and spam 1 button) but he made it where every time my character was ready to hit, I couldnt see my target. Now i'm not whining, I just wanna know how this was done? I want to learn this move or asking if its a bug he was just exploiting? I know Lag Stepping on WoW but this was much more intense, so didnt know if this is just DAoC/s version? Or should i just play a caster or just unsub all together cause im not leet enough to beat that?


  • By the way, almost everytime i fight someone 1 on 1, I always win pretty easily unless its sb/ns....just have a problem with them for some reason, but this guy...i couldnt even get him lower then 95% cause i just never could see the target
  • Try using /face instead of stick?
  • As a low lvl Pally with low quickness trying to swing a two hander it would be best to face and back pedal to avoid the run thru and positionals.
  • Yeah. That’s what I usually do with people who are really good at side and rear styling
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