Warden HoT's

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I was speccing my Warden after coming back from a break and I noticed the lvl 44 HoT is now 130delve. I was really excited about this but then I noticed the lvl 34 HoT is only 60delve. Following spec since the first HoT is @24 spec & 40delve shouldn't the lvl 34 HoT be in the 80-90 range? Also why is it on a 15second duration on a 30second reuse timer? Friar is 15second duration and a 15second reuse.

I asked on chat and got the response of "it would be to high for BG." This is confusing since a Vamp can get a 90delve HoT @38 spec which would be counter to the excuse BG imbalance since Vamps are already stupid and now can get a 90deleve HoT.

Also what is up with the Blunt line? Shouldn't the lvl 23 style grant the Warden an increase of Healing Effectiveness that affects all the heal spells not just casted ones? Also does this mean that the offensive heal proc that is insta cast is affected?
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