Friday Grab Bag - 08/31/2018

It's Grab Bag time!

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Does mastery of focus affect witchcraft dots? I seem to have an unusually high resist rate on the first 3 dots in the Doom chain. It seems that mastery of focus 3 would be enough according to its description but it doesn't seem to do anything for my resist rates.

Yes, Mastery of Focus would raise the spell level of DoTs for resist purposes. Remember though that level 50 spells still have a 10% chance to be resisted.

Is it possible to add another feasible method of obtaining Orb/Cache of Reforming Energies? Perhaps via bps or the currency exchange merchant?

Right now, one of the best ways to obtain reforming energies is by defeating doppelgangers in the frontiers and earning doppelganger shards, which have a chance to drop reforming energies.

With 1.125, we’ll be removing the doppelganger shards as drops (to help alleviate inventory issues when in RvR) and instead allowing the shards to be purchased directly for bounty points. This should effectively increase the overall supply and availability of doppelganger shards and therefore the supply of reforming energies too.

Hi, I was wondering when are you activating Catacombs again? All of the Dragon Curse chapters have been released already. Some of us miss hunting there (zones, dungeons etc).

Catacombs regions are still under construction and are currently planned for release after Endless Conquest is out. While these areas do and did have lots of great content, much or all of it ran parallel to many other encounters and content in the rest of the world, which contributed to splitting up the game’s population too much.

Catacombs’ re-release will be focused on high-level single-player to group-size encounters that reward *cosmetic* options for existing loot. That said, we have heard your feedback regarding access to the Darkspire instance and will be providing access to the instance only, with patch 1.125!

I have a level 50 Bainshee. Is there any way in the future you can fix it where the volume on the Banshees be turned down some? The screaming is so annoying and loud. Several of us hate to turn down the game volume for just for one character. Thank you.

Noted! We’ll take a look/listen and adjust accordingly.

Can you please confirm that "alacritous" weapons proc in RvR zones.  I tested them recently, and they seemed to fire are a reasonable rate on the test dummies, but I never saw them go off in a couple of days of RvR, and assumed the proc only worked in PvE.  Others have told me they do work in RvR, but have an abnormally low proc rate.  Perhaps you could confirm this as well?  Thanks.

Yes, these weapons do proc in RvR. Their proc rates are set to fairly standard values as well, so it may have just been an unlucky streak.

That's it for this week!

Have a good one, and enjoy the bonuses :)

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