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  • Muylae

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    Reading comprehension- Everyone in discord got credit.

    I wasn't directing any of my comments to you....so take your comments elsewhere. Now, I am now directing it at you.

    The person is voicing his/her issues, not everything is about you.

    haha, so true.

    i like your style.

    btw, who are you ingame ?

    November 2018
  • Muylae
    thank you for your kind words.
    thank you for standing up for me.

    i think i'm not unreasonable in the things i say and most of the time i remain very polite, compared to some of the people that crucify me.

    i wish a few more mids would make a stance like you do.

    November 2018
  • Siambra
    Hi Jak, I linked to the video because the fight was amazing. In doing that I ignored the language issue. It wasn't a video that I made but one that I linked to so I can't edit the video. I asked Carol to remove the link to the video because, like you, the use of the word Whore crossed over my "what is acceptable" line. I know that everyone has a different level of language tolerance and while I may not curse, others use those words in their daily conversation. And I have no background in trash talking so never sure when someone is just being an idiot or what.

    I appreciate that you shared your thoughts. Regardless of my intentions, linking to the video was wrong.
    November 2018