{ALBION} Cursed Raid 1-8 @ 8pm CET // 3pm EST on Zyanai

On Thursday, 12. April 2018
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Hey guys,

just noticed that there isn't very often a cursed raid on alb, so i decided to start one later this day. It's my first one in Alb but hopefully everything works fine. C u later :P
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  • Yesss!! I just resubbed a couple weeks ago and haven't seen any full cursed raids on alb. Maybe I just missed them? Anyway, I look forward to joining.

    Who will have the /bg? Also, I've never completed a cursed raid. How long do they normally take? Thanks!
  • Hey Vyrax,

    usually it takes around 3 hours, maybe more maybe less, it's quite difficult to say cause i don't know hoch much ppl will join. The BG will be run by Zyanai, that's my Reaver. I will start the BG 30-45 mins earlier for ppl who have questions etc.
  • Biggest issue for Alb raids is going LD so will need to be patient and getting people to listen to the raid leader.
    Bumblebunny to the rescue !
  • Will this include the prologue?
  • Thank you guys, this raid is done! :P good work
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