Official Item Search Tool

We're pleased to announce the release of our Item Search tool!

This is the first in a long line of tools we'll be releasing in the coming months that use our new website's layout. As each new tool is released we'll be continuing to flesh out the new site's layout and menu. Once the majority of those tools and resources have been released, we'll be converting over the main site to this new layout so we're excited to hear your initial feedback!

The Item Search tool is nearly complete as is but we'll be adding even more bells and whistles to it, like ensuring that all of the item abilities show properly and enabling searches for specific item abilities, as soon as they are ready. In the meantime, please let us know what you think and have fun digging up those items!

Click the image below to check it out!


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    Clicking next page removes filters.

    Selecting one realm does not reveal items available to all realms.
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    Woot nice! <3

    First thing i saw, was that if i search "vex" vexation doesnt show, this might not even be a bug, but for me its nice to search fast, and doing part of the word to search for the full word is faster. When i search "vex" the Rhodon's Vex shows up.

    However if i search "blood g" the blood gauntlets come up.

    So this might just be a full word kind of thing where one full word is needed, anyway would be nice if possible.

    Second thing which is just if people dont see it, it seems that the mob that drops the item, can be read form the "Raw Item JSON show" tab, so thats nice, however on the vexation weapon the list of mobs in the json list are like many many mobs, not just the ones that drop it, cos its a lab drop, and i saw an essense shedder there.

    The "level required" in the item seems to be "any" on all items.

    If i search "blood g" and choose the utility option the cursed blood gloves are at top, if i chose relevancy the "Blood Stone" and the "Balor's Blood" comes first, im not sure i understand what the relevancy is there. To comfirm i searched "all realms and slots", but added a filter with atleast 0% heal bonus and chose relevancy and first item was "Necklace of Purification" before "Cursed Life Gauntlets" so while the relevancy filter would become very important with the template builder, like daocutils had all the common relevant items listed when you search for different slots, i dont see the function making much sense right now, however the utility option is nice.

    Edit one: i really like that when you select categori, realm slot class that you can see how many options is selected in each category. Like "realm, 1 selected"

    Edit two, seems theres no reset of all filters and options chosen. Edit Theres a reset in each drop down, but no "global" like reset all

    Edit three, if i search the vexation hammer for alb, it does show the proc of it, but not the duration of the procs, in this case its 1 min, but other alb weapons with dehaste only has a 15 duration, like cl5 hammer, so that could be nice to know, when searching an item, how long the procs last.

    Edit four, the bracer of arcane vigor first use returns an error "Primary Ability

    Error! Ability description not found (ID: 8686)

    Charge "

    Its an ablative ingame.
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  • I cant see Conversion in the item bonus filter, but might be me whos blind?
  • If i want to look up something like cloth gloves for my SM. The class filter only shows gloves that are "only" for SM. When I remove the class filter i get cloth/leather/chain. I don't see a way to filter for cloth only.
  • Searched 5 items none of them were there (frozen).

    Can you just buy daocutils and be done with it so you can focus on important stuff? The tool already exists and is perfect, the interface is better and the search actually works. There is already a huge history of templates on it that will be lost, that list was great for new players and old.

    You have this list that you keep talking about that has a million things on it that will never get done before the game dies, considering the pace at which you get things done.

    One item on that list, a item db and template builder and chimp already exists, has been approved and used thoroughly by your (extremelly small and shrinking) player base, already has an archive of hundreds of templates and is just really well designed. You have the opportunity to get that item on your list done, which will take you (my personal estimate) another 4 months of dev work to finalize completely and you sneeze over it? What is wrong with BS?

    That tool is so great that players want to start a go fund me to help Hopz with the monthly expenses.

    Do you realize how frustrating it is for the community to see someone post a great suggestion on the forums or discord and see you respond "oh yeah it's great and def something that's on the list!"

    Do you think a single player currently paying a sub believes that you will achieve to get 1% of that list completes in the next 5 years?

    You have these plans of grandeur for Daoc that you keep talking about, endless conquest, progression servers, reopening catacombs, improving labby, etc. You will never get it done in time if you spend dev work on a tool that exists and can be migrated to your own platform in 1 hour.

    My 2 cents.
  • Thanks all, we're working on resolving most of these reported/requested issues and features!

    -The bonus filters not being saved when clicking the next page of results is already fixed.
    -The 'Conversion' stat is currently found under the "TOA Artifact" bonus and then can be selected from another dropdown that appears.
  • I'm no DBA but wow, this is bad.

    Main issue: It's not "in game". You already have the foundation of a fairly useful search tool on the housing merchant, it just needs to be expanded on and updated. You're recreating the wheel here 'offline' and it's not needed. I can see the want/need to have this available via the web but who wants to have to search in two different places in order to find what is being looked for? I certainly don't.

    As the "Player Market Search" window appears today it lists: Skill, Bonus, Armor Class, Resist, Power, Hits, Slot, Damage Type, Procs. Then it has Min/Max settings for Price, Quality, and Level. I'd add the following NEW sections: A default Min/Max slider (described below); Rename "Min/Max Level" to "Min/Max ITEM Level"; Add a NEW Min/Max for BONUS Level (this is needed for everyone that still likes to play in the BGs). Also add a NEW Min/Max for PROC level. Again, for those that don't live in NF the ability to search for an item useful to the area of the game you'd like to play in would be VERY nice. For each NEW item just mentioned, this info is already in your DB. Simply add these new criteria to the search page and it's done (not quite that simple but you see where I'm going with this).

    I'd remove the Power and Hits entries and replace them with a 'default' Min/Max option that gets added to the Min/Max section. Therefore, if I select "Bonus - Power Pool" and "Armor Class - Cloth" with "Slot - Arms" and then set my Min value at 5 and Max value at 20 it will display all cloth arms with a power pool between 5-20. I could then expand on this search by selecting "PROC Level" Min value at 35 and Max value at 39 to redefine the search that only shows cloth arms with Power Pool between 5-20 with a 'working' proc that would fire in Molvik (if such an item exists).

    The BONUS section needs some serious love. It's missing way too many items to list but I'll try and list the big ones. It's missing Spell Range, Spell Damage, Melee Style, Melee Damage, Acuity, etc. Items like "ANY ToA Bonus" and "Any Catacomb Bonus" needs to be removed and a new section titled ToA Bonus and Catacomb Bonus should be created separately and then have all the different ToA/Catacomb Bonuses listed separately. Once that is done then I'd make it so you have 3-4 different BONUS sections listed so someone could search for an item with CON, DEX, and spell range on a single item all during a single search.

    The SLOT section is good but I'd remove WEAPON and create a NEW section just for weapons. Is it Main Hand, Off Hand, Two Hand, Shield, Staff, Spear, Hand-to-Hand, Ranged, etc. With it's current design, if I want to search for a Friar staff, I have to select SLOT - Two Handed and DAMAGE TYPE - Crush... then search through 86 pages of ALL 2H crush type weapons. Maybe even adding a CLASS section for Friar, Mauler, etc would be beneficial here as well.

    I've been a player in DAOC for YEARS and I truly want to see it succeed and stay around. With the incoming influx of players due to ENDLESS CONQUEST (hopefully) this tool will be a NEED, not a want. Nothing has frustrated me more in this game to need a specific item for a template and have to search, 1 item at a time, through sometimes 100+ pages of displayed results to find the item I need. I've learned how to work around this issue (somewhat) but NEW players, people who have actually never played this game before, will become frustrated and leave, FREE or not.

    Simply put, the DB structure is already there. Update/add the new sections and create/modify the queries to work within the new options. I'd think I speak for many in this game. We LOVE it, but you guys need to show THE GAME some LOVE and make it more player friendly. As many have said... that's my 2c worth...

  • -Selecting a single realm will show results for all-realm items now
    -Partial keyword search is working properly now and the results should be sorted a bit better based on keyword match
    -Item level requirements should show up properly now
  • I fully understand that my post above would ONLY apply to items listed on the merchant. I get that part, hence the need to have something searchable via the web. But if it IS on the market, and you don't know the EXACT name, you're not going to find it. Also, if someone wants to find out what options are available, within the items that can be bought NOW, the current search tool is completely inefficient.
  • Or better yet, why not incorporate a search, any search, to show ALL items that would apply based on the search criteria listed. It would show all listed stats and bonuses for the item just like it does know when an item IS on the merchant. Find a way to tie in the mobs it drops off of and then list the number available for SALE at that time, from 0 to how ever many are listed on the merchant. Then everything would all be in one, combined, UPDATED, fully searchable database... IN GAME! (I think my alarm just went off, it was a nice dream though)!
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    Selecting a class only displays items that are specific to that class and omits items that can be used by all classes. For example, selecting Champion and ToA Debuff Bonus filter (at least 1%) does not display the Searing Demon Gem which can be used by all classes.

    Some resist types under the Item Bonus Filters drop down are listed multiple times: Body x4, Spirit x3, Cold x3, Matter x2, Energy x2.
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  • Looks good! I was able to find anything and everything I searched for, so it’s definitely helpful.
    CATACUSX/Einherjarl - ASATRUAR
  • Instead of displaying the "Utility Level" why not display something useful on the summary screen like ITEM Level, BONUS Level, and/or PROC Level (if the item has one)? So again, I can complete a search, get 438 items returned, and now I have to open each item, 1 at a time, to see the ITEM Level, the BONUS Level, the PROC Level, etc. For straight level 50 players this probably doesn't matter and all they may care about is the utility. For any other level player, you're basically saying, "here they all are, have fun clicking through 14 pages of them to find the one you're looking for". For example, try to find the Pictish Longsword w/o actually typing in the full name. What if someone only knows it's a Pictish weapon and they are looking for it for an Alb toon for the Molvik level. So I type Pictish in the ITEM NAME field and select WEAPON under 'category' and then ALB under 'realm'. Even if I know it's a SLASH weapon I can't filter by that. So I apply those to the filter and I get 3 pages returned with a total of 72 items listed... that I now get to open, 1 at a time. Sorry but that just doesn't seem very user friendly...
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    Using my example above, even if I type out PICTISH LONGSWORD in the "Item Name" field, define ALB and WEAPON respectively, (oh, and I have to check the box for "match exact name" or it returns items NOT named Pictish Longsword), I still get 8 items returned... listed in no discernable order. There's no way to tell which item is what level from the summary screen. So I actually clicked on the 8 items listed, from top to bottom, and the ITEM Level order they appear in is as follows: 15, 30, 39, 10, 20, 25, 45, 35. HUH!!!?
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    Please add a filter for proc like the housing merchants have. Also allow filter refine by 1h or 2h and when results are returned to click on the top of a column to organize by type or level. Sorting through 115 pages of weapons is rediculous if you don't know the name. Main issue is the filter by proc... this would help tremendously.

    Also for Artifact weps include level needed to activate along with class restrictions. You also can not find any of the summonable weps like Sun weps or Blade of Shadows.
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  • Can we get char page like daocutils too?
  • Thx for the keyword search fix, works like a charm. I see level req is edited for some items now nice also

  • Issue 1: The TOA Bonuses do not display properly (on any item) if they have a sub-requirement, like Humanoid, Insect, etc. For example, the Bracer of Rain. It has 2% Melee STYLE bonus but has a sub-req of Humanoid, Animal, Elemental in game, but the search tool shows it as 2% w/o the sub-req. This makes searching for items with TOA bonuses almost useless as there's no way to tell if the item can be used in PvP vs PvE.

    Issue 2: I also don't see how to set a filter for STAT Caps. I see STATS and I see TOA Hit Point Cap but I don't see STR Cap, CON Cap, DEX Cap, etc. Am I missing it somewhere?

    SOLUTION (to issue 1): Leave the TOA Bonuses intact on each item but eliminate the sub-requirements (in game). Honestly speaking here, who wants this Bracer of Rain anyway? The 2% STYLE Bonus only applies against PvE mobs, not other players. I've never heard of a DAOC player templating a toon specifically for PvE versus, let's say, elementals. From the early Molvik level all the way into Cathal Valley, many items (that have sub-req TOA bonuses) like this bracer could be useful for templating but it will never get used because of the 2% TOA bonus that is non-PvP.
  • @Valtar Stat caps are listed as Toa Overcaps with a sub drop down list for Strength, Dex, etc.
    "The grab bag isn't for explaining every single class change decision or reasoning or that's all we would ever do." - John_Broadsword
    "The type of of dev communication of 30 mins a day updates mentioned here just isn't feasible." - Carol_Broadsword
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  • @Tyrantanic Thank you for the help. Yep... I missed it.
  • In case it was missed, add the option to sort and/or filter weapon types AND weapon slots.

    My second post remains unaddressed. Selecting a realm still removes items listed under All realms. This restriction also applies for selecting a class.
    "The grab bag isn't for explaining every single class change decision or reasoning or that's all we would ever do." - John_Broadsword
    "The type of of dev communication of 30 mins a day updates mentioned here just isn't feasible." - Carol_Broadsword
    "Our Studio. Our Rules." -
  • @Tyrantanic the realm select can you recheck that? Thanks!

    We're still working on the class filter one and more weapon filters :)
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    I agree with some of the comments above.

    Please add item use/proc requirement level min & max so people can look up items for BG toons.

    Also still having filters removed when going to second pages. Bonus level and weapon skill are the ones I’m noticing

    Maybe a check box for item with uses/procs only.

    Display item level.

    Artifacts activation level requirement

    Champion/epic weapons/Armor level requirements and any other items that have requirements that don’t match there bonus levels.

    If you select a class it only shows items that are specified to be able to be used by that class and not items specified to be able to be used by all classes
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