Friday Grab Bag - 03/16/2018

Time for another edition of our bi-weekly Grab Bag, on the weekend where everywhere seems to be celebrating the green!

Don't forget our Saint Patrick's Day event started earlier today. I expect to see lots of leprechauns speeding 'round the frontier over the weekend :)

As always, thanks for all your questions! If you have any game related questions for our DAoC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for this week's questions covering con loss, come back campaigns, siege towers, and more! :)

Are there any plans or news on when the next come back campaign will be?

Actually our current plans with the Endless Conquest are shifting a bit so that we can include returning accounts along with brand new players into it. We aren’t quite ready to unveil these new plans yet, that announcement will come after Patch 1.125, but with that change in scope for Endless Conquest accounts, we wouldn’t be offering Come Back to Camelot campaigns going forward.

What RAs actually help a Theurgs pets? The RAs listed help the caster, yes, but what correlates into increased pet damage?

Currently, Theurgists do not have access to any realm abilities that enhance their pets. We can look at adding the Wild Minion realm ability to them, which increases a pet’s chance to critical hit, but would need to ensure that it wouldn’t cause any imbalances first.

Hello a 3 part question regarding siege towers in NF. 1) Does it go up faster if entire group stand at the base of it?  2) Is there a buff

ex: skald buff for siege if in the group building siege tower would it increase it leveling? 3) Would siege crafting or woodworking leveling increase the speed of building it?  Thank you for explaining.

In order to build a siege tower, a character needs 200 siegecrafting skill, 200 ironwood wooden boards, and 100 alloy metal bars. Once the siege tower’s construction begins, any player from that same realm that has 200 siegecraft can stand near it to cause it to continue building. If no player around the siegetower meets those requirements, the siege tower will cease its construction.

In answer to your specific questions:

1) Siege Towers go up at the same rate regardless of how many allies or group-mates are nearby; even if those allies have 200 siegecraft too.

2) There are no abilities that increase the speed of a siege tower going up.

3) No, siege towers go up at the same rate, even if a person has a higher-than 200 siegecraft skill level.


My armor and weapons seem to be losing a lot of condition, what changed and why?

Rates of condition loss have not been changed for armor at all. Same for weapons that hit someone in melee. Spell-casts do result in condition loss now though, which would only affect the actively-equipped weapons at the time of the spell cast (and not other weapons that are equipped but not currently readied). That change was made in conjunction with the bug fix that was causing massive condition loss on instruments in patch 1.124. Additionally, we actually reduced the amount of item durability that is lost upon each repair in patch 1.124.

That said, we’ve heard the feedback on condition-loss in general and agree that it should be reduced. We’ve also noticed that the spell-cast condition loss is a bit higher than we’d intended and will reduce that even further in 1.125. Thank you for the feedback!

You mentioned in a recent grab bag as an "Obligatory" for the name/race/gender respecs are coming in 1.125..... my question is, when are the character transfers between servers coming that I read about last year in a grab bag?

The transfer services are planned for later this year as they are a bit more involved than the race, gender, and name change services.

That's it for this week. Enjoy the event and weekend all! :)
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