Friday Grab Bag - 07/20/2018

Time for another Grab Bag (yay!).

Midsummer's Celebration is also just around the corner, coming next week!

As always, thanks everyone for your questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the questions!

My toons have only modest amounts of BP. But my guild has over 41million. How can I use some of these to buy the new BP items? Will the Guild BPs be capped after the latest update?

Guild bounty points are directly derived from the characters in the guild that have earned BPs while being members. In other words, while your character earned 10,000 bounty points, your guild’s bounty points also went up by 10,000. As such, we won’t be allowing guild BPs to be used to purchase any of the BP items or loot; nor will we be capping or lowering them after the 1.125 patch.

Guild BPs were previously used to maintain ownership of claimed keeps in the Frontiers but have not been required to that end for many years now. Right now guild BPs can only be used to buy guards and siege weapons at their claimed keep or tower. Similarly to guild merit points, guild BPs are a currency we would like to make more useful down the road!

What is the Soft and hard cap for melee DPS, not including Critical Hits. I realize every class for Melee are a little different but generally speaking how much Strength, w/styles with high damage etc would one require to achieve their optimal soft/hard damage caps. Seems like everyone has their own numbers for damage caps, i like to hear it straight from the source if you would. Thank you

The simple answer is the more strength stat you have (or strength/dexterity for the Str/Dex-based weapon skills) the closer to the melee cap your character will hit.

The style used, the character’s weapon specialization of the style being used, the character’s swing speed, and mythical melee DPS, style damage% and melee damage% stats all determine and affect what a class and character’s melee cap is. In other words, those variables actually raise or lower the character’s melee hit cap (as well as the melee damage on a given swing).

For instance, the slower your character’s swing speed (which is affected by haste/celerity buffs and the melee haste% and the quickness stats), the higher their melee cap on a given hit. Albeit, their overall melee damage-per-second (DPS) will decrease with a slower swing speed.

Strength, conversely, does not raise or lower the melee cap at all but instead determines how close to that melee cap your character will hit on a given swing.

For the vast majority of melee classes you will want as close to 400 strength as is possible, or if it’s a Str/Dex weapon skill, as close to 400 strength and 400 dexterity as possible since the average of the two stats is used for those weapons. There are diminishing returns over the 400 threshold but in some cases it can still be worthwhile to get even more strength; especially if there are no other stats/resists that are low in your character’s gear template.

Would it be possible to hand in more then 1 afrit at a time to trogo zontanos mageia? And could the /mbuy 100 cap ever be increased?

Not without significant changes to our item-stacking code unfortunately.

We can look at increasing the /mbuy cap in our next round of client updates.

I love crafting. Alchemy mostly. Twice a day every day I’m replacing bought potions on my consignment merchant, demand is high. Problem is my mouse is gonna wear out due to repetitive clicks to set some prices.

For example, pot x is set at 480g. That’s 50 mouse clicks (at the 10g per click) to 500g then 2 down to 480.  I know there’s also a way to set prices by text macro but that’s worse trying to figure out the slot no. Could the pricing process be simplified?

There are some new keyboard shortcuts (added in Patch 1.124) that will help your weary finger from all that clicking:

The “value chooser” windows that pop up when needing to adjust currency amounts for trades, item stack amounts, or pricing now have the following keyboard shortcuts:

Shift+Left-click will increment the values by 10, as it always has.

Ctrl+Left-click will now increment the values by 100.

Shift+Ctrl+Left-click will now increment the values by 1,000.

Continuing to hold down the Left-click while engaging any of these shortcuts for more than ½ second will cause the value to continuously change without needing to re-click.

My question is about why infiltrator chest is the only item that has different toa stat caps from the stats its provide. Its 30str/10dex cap. Atm the infiltrator complete set provides 15dex/0str cap which is unbalanced compared to Nightshade (I only mention ns because both those sneaks can benefit from str/dex)

This does look like an oversight and the Infiltrator’s Darkwalker Vest should have strength cap instead of dexterity cap. We’ll put in a fix for this with the upcoming 1.125 patch in order to give players who may have setup their gear template to use the dexterity cap time to prepare any changes. Thanks for the report!

That's it for this week! Have a great weekend :)
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