Earning money in 2018


I'd like to share some "tips" to earn money in DAoc in 2018 (1.124)

If you want to add something, come on, we all know some players that need money to make decent temps

  1. Crafting : If you have some time to spend, spellcrafting is one of the best way to earn quick money. You will need to level your spellcrafter (maybe 5-10plat, in capital city it's quicker) and after that, you will have tons of customers. When i do spellcraft, if the guy ask me my price, i charge 1-2plat per piece, and i get very often lot of more (5pp / piece is common)
  2. RVR quest : Supplies for the cause. Each time your turn the Quest, you gain 440 gold + some CL xp + massive amount of BP + 2 Doppel shard
  3. Doppel shard hunting : Can get some by Quests (supplies + frag 20 in EV) or by hunting doppels. You can sell 1pp./shard
  4. Doppel shard looting : some drops can be very lucrative : Doppel arcane mace (100 / 150 plat) / ML token ( 5 -10 plat ) / Granite, Warshadow (depending on your realm) (20plat) / Supremacy pot ( 10-12 plat) / Celerity Pot (8-10 plat)
  5. Otherworldly farmable quest : you have to kill 30 monster / quest, 440 gold
  6. Farming Alchemy Comp (42-50 classic dungeon). The one used to craft cele/omni regen/supre can be sold for a good price
  7. Farming Otherworld Ore : In OW map or in NF, you can sell 10-20 plat per 100
  8. Farming Otherworld Floras : Celerity (5plat/each) / Supre (7 plat each) can be sold easily
  9. Doing the whole Otherworld Campain : you get approx 10 plat (quest reward) + items. If you can bring bots it's better. Rings are 30-50p, helms are 75-200p
  10. Doing the whole Curse campain : you get approx 15 plat (quest reward) + massive aurulite + stuff you can sell if you don't need it (bring alts if you can)
  11. Farming (1per day) ch9-10 (curse). If you are lucky, some set piece are worth 100-200plat
  12. Salvage : Diamonds seals are worth nothing anymore, it's long but easy
  13. RvR : lot of money per kill (even in group)
  14. /freexfer your PvP characters, even if level 5, xp them to 50, bingo



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