Bainshee Pulsing pet fear in PW line

Wondering if a bug or I am missing something.
I just made a new Bainshee to specifically try and counter Theurg's. Spec is tri spec 37 SG/29 PW/ 26 ES. With this spec i planned on getting some MoF so my spells stick. I get some "ok" aoe damage, still a killer single target damage using modified capped skill baseline DD, Demezz, single target fear, multiple forms of light CC, and a pulsing fear of level 44 or less Theurg pets. However, upon completing level 50 and specing everything how I intended. There is no level 29, 22, 11, 4 pulsing fear spells. I have been diging around the internet and looking back at old patch notes and can't find anything about having it removed, or adjusted. I understand that the char planner located at is not official, however listed here: is official and lists the spells.

Is there any clarification I have missed or what is going on here?


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