Emergency Bug Report: Horn of Valhalla unable to be picked up in Caer Renaris after capturing it.

Tonight (March 16th) at around 9:30 PST, Midgard successfully captured Caer Renaris but were unable to pick up the relic after multiple attempts. Midgard had a force of about 30 players ready to march the relic back to our Power Relic Temple, but were unable to do so because the relic was glitched and could not be picked up by any member of the BG. Even claiming the keep, changing BG leaders, and logging in and out of the game, waiting 30+ minutes, and letting the keep level all the way to level 4, the Relic was still unable to be grabbed. The keep was not under siege during this period.

Since then, Albion has recaptured Caer Renaris, and the Relic still remains in that keep, unable to be moved.
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