Returning player - /freexfer from EU Camlann server

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Yesterday I managed to recover my old DAoC accounts. I had two: a EU account that I opened in the early '2000s and a USA one.
On both accounts I have a character on each PvP server, Camlann and Mordred.
On Camlann I was guild leader, and I yet have to carefully read the instructions about how to transfer guild and guild house.

Problem is what I found here:
"Q: I have characters on the PvP Mordred server and the PvE Gaheris cluster. Can I transfer them to Ywain?
A: No, unfortunately due to the unique rules for the PvE and the PvP rulesets transfers are not available to the Ywain cluster from Mordred and Gaheris."

FAQ don't mention Camlann, does it mean I can play with my Camlann character again?

Moreover, what I read is in open conflict with what's written here:

The article explains how to transfer character from Mordred and Camlann servers to Ywain.
Of course, characters get transferred with no items, because on PvP servers there are items from all three realms.
And here's how the "unique rules for the PvE and the PvP rulesets" issue was simply solved back in 2013.

Why wouldn't it be possible now if it was previously? I'd find it hard to accept being unable to play with my character again just because I missed that "transfer window" back in 2013.

Can you provide some explanation?
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