i have an old account

my accounts goes back to 2001. dont remember the last time i played my old accounts.
i know one the email is no longer active.
how do i recover these accounts?
i see no answer to this on the website. matter of fact. i see a lot of circles and broken links.
the many reason i left was mystic refuse to fix the hackers.
At the time i had maxed crafters and quite a few lv 50s.
now lv 50 isnt hard. but the crafting is insane.
so if you cant recover my accounts. fix it so im max crafting to Alantis time frame. as this was when i last remember playing on those accounts.


  • crafting is fast in these day.... btw
    and for the other thing u should maybe contact the Support over the website
    and/or try get someone of BS crew in Discord maybe PM is helpful

    but without old email it will be not so easy to merge different acc on one EA account
    i know that they helped a guildmate years ago to get back old acc, cause his Exwife terminated his email acc, but that was GOA times and he has to tell them alot of char names, CC data etc etc etc, dunno how helpfull BS is in these things.... so better contact support directly

    In rememberin on old EU logress server i like to say...

    Running full High Gear equipped 8 men group,
    over some causuals in random Drop Armor,
    is not really a fight or Art and requirre no skill......
    We call it Sport...^^

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