Epic quest class armor/weapons vs. "town/area" armor/weapons vs. Battleground bounty point weapons

When receiving epic quest class armor/weapons, town/area quest armor/weapons, and looking at Battleground weapons that are purchased with bounty points, what is your determining factor on which to use? Level (color) of the armor/weapon, armor factor, dps, stat/skill/resist buffs, etc.?


  • Procs and the Enemy u must handle ? as dru i would prefer weapon with mana load as tank something with cele and debuff, maybe something with disease...^^ and so on...
    In rememberin on old EU logress server i like to say...

    Running full High Gear equipped 8 men group,
    over some causuals in random Drop Armor,
    is not really a fight or Art and requirre no skill......
    We call it Sport...^^

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