Settling the Score quest glitch?

I'm trying to do the Hibernia Quest "Settling the Score (Epic 3)" quest and I ran into a problem. I'm supposed to defeat Chieftain Ultan, but as soon as I started fighting him he disappeared but kept attacking me. Although I could still target him (by luck), I couldn't attack as he was "not in view." I ended up running away, even as he kept at my heels damaging me until I zoned out. Does Ultan have some weird power no one mentioned? The quest giver mentions bringing a group, but does having extra people negate his invisibility, or is it a really a glitch?
Note: 20 minutes later I swung by the spot and Ultan is still invisible, but will attack if I get close.


  • Hello, I found your post and was wondering if you had solved the issue. I'm having the same problem!
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