Animist Template

Hi im a returning player. Last time im online was four years ago.
I want to play my 50 Animist in RvR with arboreal specc. (zerg and 8vs8 ).

I found a lot of templates for animists, but i dont know how actual they are and my biggest problem is, i dont know where to get the new items.

Can anyone help me out with a good starter template to play in RvR? ( with items description where to got them)
I have not so much money. Im around 50 platins.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english.


  • Hey! I would recommend using kings gear to get started. Especially when zerging it up, its a great way to get used to the class. The kings gear is in the kings room. When you go there he will give you your armor and there is a little guy next to him with the other items (just get the caster ones).
  • Thanks so much for your help.
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