Mid Dragonslayer - Aka Big 3 Dragons

On Saturday, 5. September 2020
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I'll be leading a big 3 dragon raid, Saturday Sept 5th, at 11am est on Midgard.

For those who haven't ever done this, which seems to be a good portion of the game, all 3 realms dungeons come and we kill them one by one. They are the old Dragons, so con purple and have much nastier abilities. You can work your way through the quest chain if you are interested in obtaining the quest for this by following this link. Up until the Big 3 can be accomplished by any balanced or tank heavy group.

Why do the quest chain?

Because after this quest comes a quest to obtain Dragon Mythirians. You complete the dragon mythirian quest each Curse Raid you do. These myths are extremely nice to have ready access too, ranging from the Dragon Movement Mythirian (free water breath, safe fall, and a few other nice things) to the Dragon Hoard Mythirian (extra BPs, Coin, and RPs). These mythirians are level 50 only as their requirement, no champ levels. I use the Hoard Mythirian anytime I do BP quests on a toon to increase those BPs.

You DO NOT have to do the quest chain however to come join me. Come to see the Big 3 dragons all together and slay them.

The only thing I need is 2 archer Macro Teams to make it go quicker. The more archers the better as they rip the old dragons.

I will NOT be claiming any loot, so bring your DPS so you can get yourself some Dragon Remains and a load of respec stones.

If you have any questions just message me on Discord. Also message me on Discord if you will bring an archery macro team so I know how fast we'll go. If we don't have a Macro team, we can still do the Dragons, it'll just take a bit longer.
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  • Sorry, we can't or Hulk and I would be there. Hulk has to work that day. The only days he has off is Tuesday and Wednesday. So if yall plan something on Tuesday or Wednesday let us know be glad to help.
    Hello guys How r yall?
    Have fun & good luck out there in the big bad gaming world!!!!
    Hammer to the face!!!
  • Do you have Gerik's sword?

    If not I will try to run through the prereqs this week or next to get it. Also I would imagine we could get enough hunters just from those who usually play. We will have a few hunters in our group. I'm not usually on discord, sorry.
  • That's ok ty for getting back to me. Have a good day.
    Hello guys How r yall?
    Have fun & good luck out there in the big bad gaming world!!!!
    Hammer to the face!!!
  • If there is any interest I will lead a BG for Ymir and the 4 adoscolent dragons (the 2 steps prior to big3) on Friday night, 9pm est. I will not do the kill 5 disciples 10/10 others because that is group only. You're on your own to show up with Ymir quest (it also requires enough faction).

  • We're putting this on hold for the moment. I have the Sword but in testing on Pend it didn't spawn the Big 3. With the patch out the Devs don't have time to work on this yet. Once Beibs lets me know there's a plan, whether it's fixed or she's given the ability to spawn em, we'll set a date.

    Mid Curse is all I'm doing moving forward, and we're doing it on Saturdays at 11am eastern (always 11am eastern regardless of time change) so be aware.

    Thanks for all the interest guys. I got a lot of messages about it, so if you're interested know that I expect we'll have a big raid. :)
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