Cleric Spec and Temps

Hey all, not much that has been posted here in a long time. Looking to see what solid RVR cleric speccing is (other than buff bot :)) And where i could find a good template. I haven't played seriously since ToA. Thoughts? Recommendations?


  • There are several specs:
    grp spec:
    40enh, 33 reju, 14 smite (deroot)
    40 enh, 36 reju (not recommended after last patch, no deroot)

    44 smite, 30 reju
    40enh, 26 reju, 25 smite (trispec, needs some rr to be good &+11 smite)
    35 reju, 38 smite, 15 enh (that's what i run atm)

    50smite, 20 reju
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