Vampiir Spec/Advice

Hey all,

Newly returned, interested in current viable Vamp specs for solo.

I am currently RR5l3 - just got templated and i'd say that my survivability has increased massively with the Eternal set etc, but I'm still getting torn to bits by certain classes such as Maulers, Zerkers, before I have had chance to get my buffs up etc.

I am currently 48 Dem, 34 Peirce and rest split between others, I use the following moves in sequence

1) Keep Melee Resist up all the time
2) Power Bolt
3) Fumble
4) Combat Effectiveness Debuff
5) Buff Shear
6) Parry
7) Evade
8) Claw Spam until buffs need re-doing.

Am I missing anything? RA's are Charge 2, IP3 and Purge 2 at this stage.

Also, is SM a viable spec line now, because someone told me in-game that it was.

Thanks for your help

Best regards.


  • Hey my dude sure you've figured it out by now but just responding since these forums are kinda dead. Maulers honestly are better than vamps right now they have basically your exact kit minus the fact that instead of you having to hit them they just need to be hit to gain power. Before dem was amazing with the pet because it helped with the dem power problem however I think too many people complained with never actually playing the champ to see what it would do to hurt the vamp. Sometimes fighting those harder fights I actually like going less claw on the dem ie 41ish dem allowing for me to go higher in sm for the fumble or ve for the quickness if I'm just trying to straight make it a quick who can kill who faster fight. Also once you start getting reflex attack up you'll stop hurting as much for power vs power tap.
  • I just wanted to post here too. Feb. '22:
    The most played and viable spec is 48Dem, 34Pier, 21Shadow and 20 Embrace (as you said).
    I went with Charge5 as priority. Purge is only viable at lvl3+ imho. At 5L0 I went Charge5, IP1, LW1 and Dex. Yes you don't have Purge, but with a 1:30 timer on charge5 you have a more powerful and realiable tool imho.
    Have fun :smile: At least if you still play :blush:
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