Hibernia: Otherworlds Campaign 0-10 on Saturday 11th January

On Saturday, 11. January 2020
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Hi all,

I'll be leading a Otherworlds Campaign 0-10 on Saturday 11th January

Time raid starts: 21:00PM CET / 20:00PM UK / 15:00PM EST / 14:00PM CST / 12:00PM PST (BG open 30 minutes before)

BG leader Solic

How to begin the Campaign?
1. Travel to King Lug Lamfhota in the throne room in Tir Na Nog
2. Speak to Seneschal Desmond directly in front of you when you enter the throne room
3. You should have a quest called [Siabra] : Eerily Quiet
4. Teleport to Connla and speak with Bennen east of the town.
5. You will obtain a quest: [Siabra]: Into The Bog
6. Travel to Innis Carthaig by stables master
7. Speak to the Stables Master at Innis Carthaig and get a ticket Bog of cullen tour
8. Jump directly south from the red/blue dot loc: 35957, 44676
9. Head to the red/blue dot and speak to Nara Manastrong (This is where the raid will begin)
10. You should obtain a quest [Siabra]: Begone, fae

1. Please listen to bg leader (Yellow text)
2. No afking or you will be left behind
3. Anyone that goes link dead will have 1 minute to renter game.
4. Anyone that runs ahead or sidetracks the bg will be removed from the battlegroup and banned from future raids

See you there

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  • Thank you !!! Me and my crew really appreciate that you are running a Cursed Raid.
    Bumblebunny to the rescue !
  • Reminder that this is on today!

    Make sure you have the Prologue step done up and speak to Nara Manastrong!

    BG will be open 25 minutes before!
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