Endless Conquest Update

The launch of Dark Age of Camelot: Endless Conquest, a way to play permanently without a paid subscription, is just around the corner and we are excited to provide you all with this detailed update!

First, we are making excellent headway in our testing phase of Endless Conquest (EC) as well as the rest of Patch 1.126. Further, because the bulk of EC features will not be testable by player accounts prior to the live launch, we expect a relatively short stay on the Pendragon test-server before bringing Endless Conquest to Ywain and Gaheris (yep, both servers!). As you know, anything can come up during the development process but we're very excited to announce that we are currently on track for a live launch in the latter-half of October!

Next, we have continued to iterate on the various privileges and restrictions involved with EC and are excited to announce our planned list for launch! EC accounts will be able to earn max character level and realm rank, Champion and Master Levels, all end-game gear, and so much more! Please follow the link to our Endless Conquest page and FAQ which includes in-depth information and a handy table of all the privileges and restrictions for both EC and Veteran (subscribed) accounts!

We'll follow this announcement up with a special, EC-centered Grab Bag this Friday, so be sure to submit your questions before then!

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