first and shoutout to heretics

first post in this subforum ( lol i know right?) and was wondering about some heretic tips and tricks for rvr. ( i run a caster tic)


  • Pre-kite using your instant snare.

    For focus ramps, you can switch your target as long as the spell is pulsing by clicking on a new target. You will have to play with it, but it can help keep it from ending for LOS or range issues.
  • Caster heretics are very lackluster, if an enemy makes it to you have virtually no means of escape. Yes you have a snare and if you're a caster tic, a very low duration stun, but neither are sufficient to allow you to gain enough distance to ramp your damage up. Trying to keep as much distance between you and your target is the key. Try to fight other casters and archers as much as you can. You simply don't have the tools to fight most melee classes as a caster tic unless they are just terrible and you have enough range in.
  • If you have any friends at all to play with have them duo a minstril with you. Other than that @Sovereign is 100% right and it will be very difficult as a solo caster tic.
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    Caster tics are a tough class to solo on, not near enough escape tools to get distance on an opposing player.
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  • I disagree with the distance thing. Low rr (no pd, wild power, rr5) then yes they are lacklustre and get chewed up. I am 50 enh 29 shield 9 crush 49 rej and I killeverything that doesn't stealth or have a pet ( unless Cloak charge is up pet caster is dead)

    Rejuv tic and melee tic are both useless unless tempted correctly. And this is the issue. Broadsword needs to give tics some sort of cc other than the snare. Perhaps an insta root and a nifty LVL 50 rej ability like druid or just..increase the group heals or give more spec points so we can melee a little more while keeping our magic damage. .
    Then they will be viable solo .
    I watch other tics and it appears most catch on what to to but lack the very high rr needed to compete 1vx

    And more importantly the template.

    Here's the truth,
    You need the new set bonus to solo.
    You need 127 piety
    You need class cloak
    You need 29 shield.
    And most importantly you need 392 dex and know who you are fighting because ramping doesn't go fast enough to kill heavy or light tanks.
    So you need to work around that. And you will drop them like flies.

    With these and going crush, you will kill 99% melle tools except assassins because they are a joke and high pd and moblock 6 minimum you sacrifice avoidance of magic. I'm at rr 11 and now no one will fight me unless they are assassins or don't know they are gonna get killed because they are not used to dying to a rej tic.

    If you have any questions on temp or how to kill any melee character in a single or at most snare and one stun snare without ramping. Pm me.
  • Also they need to move the nuke dd to melee spec,
    And also the insta dd needs to be achievable on melee
  • Nuke DD and insta = baseline?
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